Service and Support

Service & Support

We strive to deliver world class service to our customer partners because even the best equipment needs some TLC to maintain the performance you need!

Continuous Customer Service Improvement

Continuous Customer Service Improvement

Customer service is not an option… it’s the right thing to do. It is also mandatory for survival in business over the long term. In order to keep this top of mind for our team and our customer partners, we made customer service more than a phrase or a sign on the wall. We made it a formal program!

Our entire team is encouraged to consistently look for ways to further enhance or improve our customer service. We listen to feedback from our customers as it allows us to adapt and respond to changes in their needs. When you earn a customer’s respect, they will be open and honest with you and that is what makes a good business partnership.


Our service technicians work on site wherever your equipment is and in all weather conditions. This helps to minimize your downtime, reduce expenses and improve your production efficiency.

Although our service department is based in Ontario, they travel across Canada as required. They are supported by Komptech technicians located throughout North America who are brought in as required. Factory maintenance and engineering personnel are also available from Austria/Germany when needed and we bring them in for a consultation, troubleshooting, maintenance and major installations.


Due to the advanced technologies and the complexities of our equipment, Komptech technicians are required to be experienced in multiple disciplines including:

  • mechanical
  • electronics
  • drive systems
  • electrical
  • controls
  • welding
  • hydraulics
  • programming
  • metal fab

Our technicians take pride in the quality of their work and will go to great lengths to keep you running!




We partnered with UPS Global Logistics to assist us with the warehousing and control of our parts inventory! By doing so, we have simplified our supply chain which improves efficiency. We have parts coming in from throughout North America and Europe. By utilizing UPS from source to
warehouse we maintain control and minimize lead times which is critical. We maintain our central parts inventory in Burlington, Ontario as well as in our rental and used equipment yard. We can deliver overnight across Canada and bring items in from Europe in 2-3 days when required.